The following rules apply to all employees of the Company and should be strictly observed.Breach of these rules may result in disciplinary action that is set out in the Chapter detailing Disciplinary Rules and Procedure in this Handbook.


No Conduct Prejudicial to Company Interests

At all times remember that you are an employee of the Company and that your conduct may reflect on us. Whether or not you are at work, you should not do anything which would bring the Company into disrepute with customers or the public.

Obey Instructions

You must obey all reasonable and lawful instructions given to you.

Abide by Terms and Conditions of Employment

You must familiarise yourself with and abide by the terms and conditions of your employment that include the Principal Statement of Terms of Employment, the Employee Handbook, the Code of Conduct, and other rules of the Company which may be issued to you from time to time.

Best Endeavours

You are required to use your best endeavours to promote the interests and welfare of the Company and to devote the whole of your time, attention, and skill during working hours to PPV Group ltd and its affairs.


The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 protects customers from being misled about the merchandiseor service provided by the Company.
After receiving the appropriate training, you will be expected, when dealing with customers, to be accurate in your description of the merchandise or services that the Company provides (whether the communication is verbal or in writing, e.g. on invoices, valuations etc). It is your
responsibility to always comply with this legislation.


Work Clothes

You should attend work in clothes, which are clean, neat, tidy and appropriate for the duties you are required to perform. Where your work brings you into regular contact with members of the public, you are expected to pay particular attention to this rule and dress in a way which is consistent with the custom and practice of the profession or industry you represent.


You will be provided with work wear.

Protective Clothing

You will be issued with protective and/or safety clothing or equipment, which you must always
use as instructed and follow the PPE policy guidance.

Safety Boots

You will receive an allowance on £50 per annum for safety boots. You will be required to fill in a request form prior to purchase. If you wish to purchase boots that exceed the Company allowance, then the Company will pay up to the level of the Company allowance for them and you agree that the difference over and above the allowance will be deducted from your wages.

Personal Hygiene

A reasonable and appropriate standard of personal hygiene must be maintained during working


Office equipment

You must not use the Company’s office equipment for private purposes.


You must not use Company telephones for receiving or making calls unrelated to Company business unless for emergency purposes.

Stationery and office supplies

You must not use Company stationery and/or office supplies for private purposes.

Personal mail

All mail received at the Company address will be opened including mail addressed to individual employees. Please do not encourage receipt of personal mail at work and do not mail personal post at Company expense. If marked private and confidential, the mail will not be opened unless by the person it is addressed to.

Mobile phones

Unless you are anticipating an emergency call you must switch off your personal mobile phone while at work. You may use your mobile phone on your breaks if you do not disturb or disrupt your colleagues.


For security and safety reasons ensure that your workspace is uncluttered, clean and sanitary.

Break Rooms

You and your colleagues are responsible for ensuring that the places where you take your rest breaks are as hygienic and clean as possible. Ensure that the condition of these areas is sanitary and appealing in appearance after your use of them.

Company Property

Unless your Manager has given prior written permission, you must not remove documents or items belonging to the Company, its customers, suppliers or fellow workers from the premises.

Personal Visits are not Authorised

Please do not encourage partners, spouses, relatives and friends to visit you at work. Such visits are not authorised unless for emergencies. Only under the most extreme circumstances are children permitted to visit you at work, as the workplace is not a safe environment for children.


You must take all necessary steps to ensure that if issued with Company keys, you do not let another person take control of them unless that person is a Manager. If you lose any Company key you should immediately report this fact to your Manager, prepare a written report and take all other appropriate steps at once.

Return of Company Property

You must return any Company property on the termination of your employment, or earlier on demand.

Personal Belongings

It is your responsibility to always safeguard and protect your personal belongings. If you do not have a secure area to store personal belongings it is your responsibility to inform us so that we can address the situation. The Company will not be responsible for belongings that could have been secured but were not due to your action or inaction.

Fraud, Theft and Suspicious Acts

Notify your Manager immediately if you have knowledge of, or reason to suspect, any fraud, theft or other suspicious act taking place within the Company.


Parking is provided for employees. The Company is not responsible for the security of personal vehicles and accepts no liability should your vehicle be damaged, stolen or lost or in the event that personal possessions are stolen from it.



You are expressly forbidden to consume alcohol at work, bring alcoholic beverages on to Company premises or to be under the influence of alcohol while at work.

Illegal drugs

You are expressly forbidden to use illegal drugs at work, bring illegal drugs on to Company premises or to be under the influence of illegal drugs while at work.


Other than customary sweepstakes for which the permission of the Managing Director is required, you may not participate in or provide facilities for betting or gambling on the Company premises.


Receipt of Gifts

You are required to declare in writing to the Managing Director all gifts received during business. You will not be allowed to retain these gifts without the prior approval of the Managing Director.

Giving of Gifts

While the Company appreciates that employees may collectively wish to present colleagues with gifts from time to time, collections for such gifts should be controlled and only arranged with the prior permission of your Manager.


The Company may inspect the contents of any vehicle, bag, parcel, handbag, case or similar article before it is brought on to, or taken away from, the premises. This will only take place in the presence of the first line of Management, a Director or a designated representative and a witness.

The Company also reserves the right to request to any employee to empty pockets etc. while on the Company premises. This will only take place in the presence of the first line of Management, a Director or a designated representative and a witness. A refusal to allow this may result in disciplinary action and/or the police being involved.

Searches will be carried out on a random basis, and any search does not imply any dishonesty on the part of the employee.


Use of tools

You must not use the Company’s equipment for private purposes without written permission of the Managing Director.

Return of company tools

You must return any Company property to us on the termination of your service or earlier upon demand.

Lost or Stolen Tools

It is the responsibility of the employee to keep safe and to maintain all tools and equipment belonging to the Company. Tools and equipment that are the property of the Company must be safeguarded at all times and not left unattended. They should be kept locked up and out of sight. You will be expected to reimburse the Company for the cost of any tools or equipment that are lost or stolen while under your care.


The Company adopts a proactive approach to security. The Directors are committed to the protection of the business assets of the Company.

The Company takes every reasonable step to ensure the physical security of our employees, premises, vehicles, plant, equipment and product. If any employee has any concerns in respect of the security of any area of the business, they should present full details of their concerns to the appropriate Manager. Such concerns will be taken seriously, investigated and action taken if considered reasonable and necessary.

Everyone has an individual responsibility to be alert to strangers who appear to have no obvious reason for being on the premises. If in doubt, contact your Manager.

Matthew Coleman
Managing Director