• Client: Cadent Gas (Capital Delivery)
  • Category: Gas Distribution - Projects
  • Duration: 20 Weeks
  • Location: Raynham Farm

Project Background

Raynham Farm is a biomethane plant that has been connected to Cadent’s local transmission system. The connection is the first in the country to use HexelOne reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) at 19-bar pressure. PPV Group Ltd were appointed to install a reinforced concrete inspection chamber complete with GRP cover at Corbiere Renewables adjacent to the GEU kiosk, to facilitate annual valve function tests and 5-yearly hydrostatic testing.

Our Solution to deliver the works

  • Convene and chair a HAZCON meeting prior to project commencement
  • Design and co-ordinate temporary works during project
  • Build a program of works in MS Projects format
  • Clear existing temporary works on site (including removal & disposal of existing spoil & associated materials)
  • Mobilise 2No sites to adhere to CDM 2015 regulations inclusive of welfare, vehicle/pedestrian segregation & security to facilitate gas non routine operations
  • Excavate to expose HP Pipeline to allow Cadent Gas operations to carry out the spool replacement.
  • Carry out a deep excavation utilising Vacuum excavation to include Temporary Work design of ground support system and pipeline supports
  • Organise Traffic Management and Contract Crane Lifts for chamber lid removal at the Fakenham Garden Centre
  • Assist Authorising Engineer (AE) Operations with installation of permanent spool piece and 5-yearly hydrostatic testing
  • Construct a reinforced concrete inspection chamber as per pit arrangement permanent works design
  • Install GRP covers
  • Install bollards to prevent vehicle ingress
  • Install concrete step to GEU kiosk, and construct ~20m of concrete path at Raynham Farm chamber
  • On completion, clear site and reinstate where necessary
  • Submit information to the client for handover and databooks submission

Providing Solutions From Start To finish

Our Project Manager had ultimate responsibility for the coordination of construction activities, all of which were detailed within our Construction Phase Plan and associated documentation. We also produced CDM Layout Drawings, created a Site Health & Safety file, and implemented a Sensible Monitoring Plan for audits and inspections. Prior to the start of the works, our Project Manager was responsible for chairing a HAZCON meeting to ensure all hazards had been identified and planned for. We also ensured all Permits to Work were in place, which was applicable to the works being carried out. For this project, we worked to Cadent Gas’ permitry in such areas as, General Works including Site Mobilisation, Deep Excavations, and Lifting Operations. 

 PPV Group also worked closely with Cadent Gas Operatives during the mechanical works and Non-Routine Operations. This involved site inductions, briefings, supplying suitable tested plant and equipment, radios to coordinate the works running simultaneously in two locations, lifting operations, and supply emergency and rescue equipment (gantries and harnesses).