• Client: O&H Hampton
  • Category: Water Utilities
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Location: Peterborough

Project Background

Our client O&H Properties, needed a scheme to automatically maintain the water at a more-or-less constant level after prolonged rain. Maintaining a consistent water level helps allow nature to establish itself around the lake creating both an attractive natural environment and assisting longer-term erosion protection. The client also wanted a slightly deeper wet well than was technically needed to allow the lake level to be dropped for lake maintenance should that ever be required.

Our Solution to deliver the works

To supply fully qualified Mechanical & electrical Engineers to complete the following works:
• Set up site to include security fencing, welfare facilities
• Install connecting pipework & fittings, including valves, NRVs, to complete an installation of a fully adoptable pumping station.
• Installation of 2 No Xylem (Flygt) 3301 NP 37kw, fitted with 412 impellers,
• Supply and fit stainless steel lifting chains,2 pump stools, top guide brackets & guide rails.
• Supply stanchion sockets & handrails around the valve chamber opening.
• Supply and Install a GRP – AWS specification Walk-in kiosk.
• Supply Dual SFA 6th mild steel multi-compartment VSD starting control panel Comprising off 1 x incomer / distribution section,1 x common control, 2 x pump starter sections, 1 x central cableway.
• Supply and Install level control will be a Pulsar DB10 unit fitted with 20mtrs cable.
• Test & Commission all assets on site
• De-mobilise site, leaving clean and tidy.

Providing solutions from start to the end

This project is now complete, we have also implemented a 6 monthly maintenance schedule to clean and Inspect the Pumps to ensure that they are working correctly to monitor the lakes level.