• Client: Concrete Canvas
  • Category: Gas Distribution – Pipe Protection
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: Ulcelby

Project Background

Concrete Canvas was installed as a channel lining solution to provide protection to the Cadent asset and weed suppression over an identified reduced depth of cover HP gas pipeline at a site near Ulceby in Lincolnshire, UK.  

Cadent Gas have a series of pipelines (assets), many of which are crossed by drainage channels in privately operated farms and fields. The regular maintenance of these drainage channels can erode the protective top cover for buried high-pressure and intermediate-pressure pipelines which then run the risk of impact or puncture by landowners and third parties. A minimum level of top cover must be maintained over pipelines.   

Traditionally, methods for maintaining and protecting the shallow cover above pipelines have included regular maintenance of the channel by the site owner, which typically involves mechanical dredging or manual clearance of the channel. Both of which run the risk of reducing the level of protective top cover, are time consuming, costly and pose Health and Safety risks of working within the vicinity of a high pressure gas line.  

What were the challenges & solutions? 

Ecological constraints – PPV engaged an ecological clerk of works to carry out surveys and plan the works around water vole and reptile’s season 

Environment Agency constraints – Due to the flow of water through the beck an overpumping system with standby pumps were employed to prevent flooding as specified by the Environment Agency 

Exposed pipeline – Due to erosion the pipeline was actually exposed in the bottom of the beck and as such great care and planning of the works were required to prevent damage whilst works proceeded 

Providing solutions from start to finish

Our Project Manager had ultimate responsibility for the coordination of construction activities and liaison with local landowners, all of which were detailed within our Construction Phase Plan and associated documentation. We produced site layout drawings, created a Site Health & Safety file, and implemented a Sensible Monitoring Plan for audits and inspections. We also ensured all Permits to Work were in place, which was applicable to the works being carried out.